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A Message of Hope to Somalia

Weliyo Family

Weliyo Family

this little project is under reconstruction

Weliyo’s World

Hassan Weliyo proposed a project to John Walton and Public Studio, which has just been completed after four months in production. Two Videos were compiled from one shoot. The first… more than 4 hours compilation was in Mai Mai, the Weliyo’s language of their family. The second compilation was a bit shorter at just over three hours and included translated or, more accurately, paraphrased and subtitled¬† songs and conversations from the first video. The first video comp is being sent back to Somalia and Kenya in response
to a family greetings video that was sent to the Weliyo Family last year. The second is presented here and streamed from where stories and histories are offered. A discussion of the loose designation of the Weliyos’ as “Somali Bantus” and the Mai Mai language by Orville Jenkens is helpful, (see his article HERE.)

See the new release (4/24/08) of the Hassan Weliyo video in Mai Mai with subtitles:

Weliyo’s World… A Message of Hope to Somalia at

Director: Hassan Weliyo

Producers: John Walton and
Hassan Weliyo

Mentor: John Walton



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