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On Location

Production of musical and theatrical performances used to require tons of expensive equipment. Since productions cost so much money is was difficult for potential crew of get necessary experience. Public Studio will offer opportunities for advanced practical multi-camera experience, professional credits maybe a little money.  Thanks to the gift from NewTek of Tricasters all we need is willing eyes and hands.

In 1985, project director Pleas McNeel, formed a collaboration with the Texas Music Association, UA Columbiavision and the San Antonio Media Center (an early incarnation of Public Studio), the produce a series for public access featuring local talent.  Using the little video van used to tape/cable cast the city council meetings, we produced 21 half hour shows.  Two of these are below.  A short tutorial on how we did it


Claude Morgan and theBLAST


Bobby Jenkins


Things are different now.  The show case required 20 people and a ton of equipment.  The piece below was shot by Public Studio’s James Sanders using a single camera package that fits on a hand cart.

MBAW-022209_1 from James E. Sanders Jr on Vimeo.

Architecture and Planning


Living with Water

Public Studio is a place to enhance our visualization of the future of the region,  continuing the  process started by the Environmental Design Charrette in 1996.

In the Environmental Design Charrette “Living with Water,” architects, developers, environmentalists, government officials and civic leaders joined forces to seek realistic new models for making urban development compatible wt responsible management of water-related public assets.

This little video documents an early attempt to use the internet to visualize the planning process.  Thirteen years later the media has advanced to the point where this type of effort can be commonplace.


We now have the means to map the way to the future but
To get where we’re going,
we need to know where we really are.



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