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Bioregional map by Pleas McNeel, Mike Smith and Larry Travis

This is where we live in central Texas, embraced by little rivers that flow to the Gulf of Mexico. Our water comes from an aquifer that is refilled by rain falling on porus rock a little south of the place where the rivers start.

It is a beautiful place that once teemed with life.

>By the mid 1800s, the populations of San Antonio and other towns along the base of the Edwards Plateau increased greatly as waves of European settlers, primarily Germans, began to arrive. Between 1845 and 1860, San Antonio grew from approximately 800 residents to over 8,200. At the turn of the century the natural resources which supported this growth still appeared to be unlimited.


In 2009 natural resources can no longer be seen as unlimited, especially the water.

Public Studio will explore ways to use modern media to help us understand how to live in a creative relationship with nature and each other.


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The land and the special people who live in it.

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  1. this is very rough draft of site. we could start the bioregional discussion here

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