Work in Progress – "Public Studio" – San Antonio, Texas



Imagine what could happen if we combine the arts and sciences to visualize the past, the present and the future of this region.

Imagine a PLACE to do this using the
tools of broadband video, virtual reality, computer graphics and advanced students of the media arts.

IMAGINE the people from the great multicultural laboratory of South Central Texas interacting with the people of the world to build bridges of understanding.

We are calling this place Public Studio.

Creative collaborations like Public Studio are made by intelligent, independent-minded people who wish to make a difference.

The web and modern media technology make it possible for these  people, from all over the world, to collaborate in the organization and distribution of information and knowledge about the place they live and to share experiences. These are important components in  making our part of the planet work … and perhaps in making us all  a little wiser.

Public Studio is being formed as a shared community resource to produce professional level programming for regional public radio and television and world wide broadband.  It can be a  studio where talented San Antonians can experiment with these wonderful new technologies – and  play with  cool toys by doing service to the region.

Stay tuned………

As we create a laboratory to explore new tools

for visualizing the future.

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  1. as the economy worsens how can public studio help.

  2. given the climate of the permanent political campaign, an antidote to
    fear based debate is information…

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This site is an archive of Public Studio's early collaboration efforts.

Please look around then join us at our new Public Studio Co-laboratory