Tricaster test flight: Public Studio’s portable setup at Southwest School of Art and Craft

Tricaster test flight: Public Studio’s portable setup at Southwest School of Art and Craft

In the spring of  2007, the Public Studio Project was eased into its infancy by  a small group of idealistic people interested in regional radio and television production and intrigued by the possibility of world wide multimedia.  The little document below was posted in the winter of 2007.

Public Studio (San Antonio, TEXAS)

The experience of digital convergence is exciting and baffling. The development of the World Wide Web
and the vision of an interconnected globe is a splendid , constantly shifting evolution of technologies that feels like magic to most of us. But learning how to use it effectively can be a nightmare for people born before 1980. An interconnected global community is coming together. How does our region fit in?

For the next two years or so the Media Lab of SalsaNet, (San Antonio’s oldest internet organization and the South Central Chapter of the Internet Society) will incubate a laboratory in community radio, television and world wide broadband production. A facility we are calling Public Studio.

Public Studio will become an independent non profit multimedia production group, serving the Alamo Area through Broadband Internet and Public Radio
and Public Television. Public Studio will provide space, mentoring and equipment to young people and encourage and enable the exploration of community media and interactive world wide collaboration.
Public Studio will explore ways non-profit organizations and creative people can integrate this new media into their lives and missions.


Northwest Vista film and photography student Ricardo Palomares.

Public Studio will work to more closely integrate public radio and television with the regional community using local professional grade local
production gear and local crews.

In collaboration with Public Radio and Public Television and the Internet Society, we will
locate a place near the center of San Antonio and fill it with professional audio and video equipment and bright young people. From here we will go to locations around the Alamo Area to produce demonstration audio and video for broadcast and web delivery. Through the Internet Society we will establish collaborations with people all over the world.

Non profits will learn how to use digital media by helping to select the demonstration projects and participating in the production. At the end of the project (two years or so) we will choose the first employees of Public Studio from among the project participants

and have a party and press conference.

The Public Studio collaboratory will enable the next generation of
community media professionals to help us share the sights, sounds and challenges of our home region with each other and to link South Central Texas with the
global community.

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In the late winter of 2008 we published a draft E-Booklet.  It is meant as a discussion draft for our evolving  proposal to the community.  If you wish,  you can download it and share you insights with us.  As soon as things settle down a bit we will update.


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