The collaborating individuals and organizations
for startup phase include:

Pleas McNeel Executive Producer (Placeholder)


Bryce Milligan Series Producer, Regional Literature

Tom Devine Analog Audio and Location Manager, Music

Mary Carmen Rojas Director of Southwest School Project

James Sanders Videographer and Audio Specialist, Music

Matt Castro – Graphics

Carmen Tafolla -Series  Producer in training

Michael “Aussie” Holden  – Virtual sets

Patricio Espinoza

Michael Graves

Our advisers include:

Susan Ives (San Antonio Peace Center),
Tim Jenison (NewTek),
Dean McCall (SalsaNet),
Dan Skinner (Texas Public Radio),
Charles Vaughn (KLRN),
Vojner (Northwest Vista College),
Tom Weeks (RackSpace),
Paula Owen (President, Southwest School of Art and Craft),
Don White (1080, formerly MatchFrame),
Christopher Wilkins (former conductor, San Antonio Symphony),
Mark Shelstad  Head of Archives and Special
Collections, UTSA)
John Phillip Santos, (Author)
Mimi Quintanilla, (Principal, Quintanilla Schmidt Consulting
Mike Greenbreg
Bett Butler
Rex Foster
San Antonio Museum of Modern Art (Norman Avila)

People who have made significant contributions
during the startup phase of this project.

John Walton Digital Media Editor and Technical Specialist

Debbie Walton Web master

Steve Bratland Digital Audio, Music

Todd O’Neill for helping to start this Word Press site

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